Some people are confused as to what a campaign really is. That’s okay. We’re here to guide you through the entire process and bring forth the good mojo. Together we will come up with the next step for your business to grow. It’s kind of like a puzzle, with many pieces and requires a well thought out plan to move forward. Where do you start? How much is involved in creating a successful campaign? Let’s break it down into manageable parts.

The start.

When a client comes to us with a need for a campaign we ask things like, “What is your end goal?”, and “What do you want to say?” Those are vital questions because you need a place to start off. What are we selling? What are we saying? Who is our audience? This gives us an idea about the feel of the campaign and how to approach the copy writing and artwork.

Out and about.

Where do you want to be seen? This is important because it will determine the sizes and types of pieces for the artwork. There are many options for getting out in the public eye. Go big. Go small. Go digital. Go with purpose! The secret is that you can’t just do one and get the same results as you would with a multitude of placement. Put your brand on Facebook, but follow it up with in-store signage, an ad in the local magazine or newspaper, mail an offer to your loyal customers, hand something out in your store when people purchase from you. All of these elements work together to keep your brand in their mind. If you skimp on your advertising, people can become disconnected from your brand because of inconsistencies, lack of exposure or even lack of trust because your brand doesn’t seem to fit in with itself whenever they see it.

Grabbing those customers.

Whether it’s through eye catching artwork or clever writing, you want your brand to stick to people. You want to be remembered with fond thoughts. Did they love your sale? Do they enjoy seeing what you have coming to your store via digital advertising? Does that billboard make them smile everyday on their way to work? Do they turn up the radio to hear your spot? Let’s hope so! These are all the goals of Saal. We want to market your business for success and allow you to grow as a brand. Let’s get people excited to see what you do next!