Saal | A Creative Agency, has gotten a whole new look and we’re pretty excited to share it with you! We’ve been in the business for 43 years and know a thing or two about marketing. Our group of professionals have fresh ideas and the talent to produce quality, award winning work. Take a moment, and step inside the creative process of our new brand.

A fresh approach requires a fresh face.

Should we just tweak the logo or go all out? This was one of the first questions we asked ourselves. We hadn’t changed the logo for almost a decade and in design time, that’s basically a hundred years. It was time for a change. A big change.

… …


So what makes a brand better visually? Think about color and font choices, as well as graphic elements to compliment those choices. We didn’t want to jump on board with any specific fad that would date ourselves with the changing seasons. We wanted to bring a fresh air to the brand while maintaining something classic. Red, but not too red. Black, but not too black. Sounds pretty vague but that’s okay in the beginning stages of design.

Concepts, oh so many concepts.

What about the logo? Choose a font and run? Not quite. Let’s get into the creative process a little bit to perhaps draw some inspiration. Where does a designer draw inspiration from anyway? Everywhere! It could happen anywhere. For me, it happened at a meeting. I was watching our president jot down a note and there it was. Handwriting. It can be so beautiful, sketchy, illegible. I wanted to give our logo a look as unique as a signature. After many concepts, collaboration and idea sharing of our team we had our new logo, almost.

So why the change?

For the longest time we have been known as Saal Advertising. But we really are much more. What about changing that too? By adding the words, “A Creative Agency”, we felt it encompassed more of who we are and what we offer. Such a simple thing can make all the difference. We didn’t want to pigeon hole ourselves, for example, if we said we were expert shoe lacer-uppers and we really made the whole shoe, its packaging, marketing and distribution of said shoe. That could limit your client base. Just sayin’.

Let’s talk about the idea of being a Creative Agency and where our company is going, not just where we’ve been. We have evolved as an agency from working with local to regional to national clients. We have the experience under our belts to pair with the fresh ideas our team of professionals have to offer. By saying we are an agency of creatives we want you to know that we aren’t just a place to call if you want to get an ad in the community magazine. We are the place to call when you want to build and grow your business. Strategy. Creative thinking. Marketing campaigns. We do it all, and we do it well.